on 22 June, 2017

Cape Cod Bay is a predator's dream - squid, mackerel, and sand eels everywhere. The striped bass fishing is hot off the South Edge of Billingsgate Shoals. Large schools of fish come to the surface on a regular basis and the run-and-gun group are casting into them with great success. Trolling involves using combos on lead core or just straight mono as the fish crash the outriggers.

The best fishing off Provincetown has run hot and cold depending upon the day. Vertical jigging and trolling tube and worm both work well when they are there. Northeast of Billingsgate in 50 feet of water there is been large bass taken on live mackerel, umbrella rigs, and trolling surface lures. The Barnstable  Harbor Channel holds its usual fish from 15-inch stripers up to 42 inches. Again live mackerel or rigs tend to be most successful.

Bluefish are just beginning to filter in. Caught only on occasion, they are yet to be found in large concentrations. One week of warmer weather will bring them from the south side flooding into the bay.